Twenty somethings and their phones at restaurants

Note: this is being written by the point of view of a 21 year old millenial

I haven’t written in a while– I guess I’ve had some classic writer’s block, or simply a phase where I felt I had nothing important or interesting to say. Today I just want to share some passing thoughts from while I was at work.

As of a week ago, I’m a waitress/hostess at a restaurant in Friendship Heights (DC/Maryland border). Today I sat a group of six guys and girls, around my age or a couple years older. I said hello as I handed them their menus, but they weren’t particularly friendly, a couple of them staring at their phones.

Eh, it’s fine, I thought. We all stare at our phones more than we should. Welcome to 2016.

However, throughout the hour they say on the restaurant patio, I couldn’t help but notice that conversation was sporadic and that the majority of the time, at least 1/2 the table had their eyes glued to the iPhones, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and viewing their snapchats.

Is this what socialization has come to? Choosing to watch our friends “have fun” through a screen instead of having fun with the friends in our physical presence?

The thing is, I value iPhones for all they do. I also value social media and use it regularly, but not excessively. At the same time, I feel like it’s not a necessary thing be using while in the presence of family and friends that you are out with to spend time with. This has always gotten on my nerves, as in the past I’d hangout with friends in highschool and at least one person, if not more, would constantly be on/checking their phone within the group.

Anyways, that’s my little spiel for today. On the positive, I’m really liking my new restaurant job and the food is delicious (free meals and food samples have their perks). 🙂


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Born in 1994 // speaks English and working towards fluency in Spanish, French, Portuguese // Writing a novel // Attending university in the nation's Capitol.

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