Faith in Humanity Restored 

The title of this post might be a tad dramatic, but I think it follows up nicely after my thoughts on the way technology often gets in the way of friends interacting with each other. 

I continue to smile every time I have an interaction with a stranger that feels genuine. I like moments when the life of someone else and my own touch for just a few moments or minutes. Just because someone is in your life for a brief pause, it doesn’t mean that a mark isn’t left. That’s how I feel, anyways.

I took the metro downtown today to complete an assignment for my summer art class. The instructions were to draw a monument, not limited to the classic monuments we all associate with DC. I decided to check out one I’d never seen before: a statue dedicated to dogs that help firemen (my love of dogs may have propelled me in my choice haha).

I sat myself on a bench, pulled out my sketch pad, and began to draw as the sun beat down.  I was by myself, listening to music for about 45 minutes or so, until a man probably in his late twenties showed up to take a picture of the statue. I kept my headphones in, wary of being alone in a secluded area with a young man I didn’t know. I just wanted to mind my own business and hoped he wouldn’t speak to me.

And so of course, he spoke to me.

“You drawing that statue?”

“Yep, for my art class.”

“I’ll be right back… I wanna draw it too.” 

I put my headphones back in and watched him run in the other direction, amused slightly, while the other part of me was on my guard as you should always be slightly in a city. 

The man came back, smiling, with a piece of paper and pen. He sat down on a different bench, and began to sketch. After a few minutes he got up and showed me the beginnings of his work. 

“See I never learned how to draw lines, so I draw with shapes. To me drawing is very geometric.”

“That’s probably how I should be doing it,” I laughed. I was now intrigued by his drawing technique. 

For the next hour, he would show me his progress and I’d show him mine. He was very nice and seemed to appreciate that we had very different drawing styles, but didn’t seem to think one was better than the other. 

I left him well before his work was finished, but I really was inspired by the method he used to draw. 

I never learned his name and he never learned mine, but we did take pictures of each other’s drawings. It was a cool moment. With so many bad things happening in the world, it’s easy to be afraid of strangers. And with tecnhonology making us as isolated as ever, it’s easy to ignore people and stay in your own head space. I’m glad that today I got to experience an organic interaction and learn more about drawing. 


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For anyone unfamiliar with The Mighty, it’s a great website where individuals affected (whether directly or indirectly) by disability, disease, chronic illness or mental illness share their stories of triumph as well as difficulties.  It’s also a great website to dispel stereotypes and educate the public about your disability/disease/mental illness.  It’s a great community and whether or not you are affected by disability, I recommend checking it out! I love being able to read other’s stories that, although they may not relate to my life, they help me better understand the daily life of another.

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Twenty somethings and their phones at restaurants

Note: this is being written by the point of view of a 21 year old millenial

I haven’t written in a while– I guess I’ve had some classic writer’s block, or simply a phase where I felt I had nothing important or interesting to say. Today I just want to share some passing thoughts from while I was at work.

As of a week ago, I’m a waitress/hostess at a restaurant in Friendship Heights (DC/Maryland border). Today I sat a group of six guys and girls, around my age or a couple years older. I said hello as I handed them their menus, but they weren’t particularly friendly, a couple of them staring at their phones.

Eh, it’s fine, I thought. We all stare at our phones more than we should. Welcome to 2016.

However, throughout the hour they say on the restaurant patio, I couldn’t help but notice that conversation was sporadic and that the majority of the time, at least 1/2 the table had their eyes glued to the iPhones, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and viewing their snapchats.

Is this what socialization has come to? Choosing to watch our friends “have fun” through a screen instead of having fun with the friends in our physical presence?

The thing is, I value iPhones for all they do. I also value social media and use it regularly, but not excessively. At the same time, I feel like it’s not a necessary thing be using while in the presence of family and friends that you are out with to spend time with. This has always gotten on my nerves, as in the past I’d hangout with friends in highschool and at least one person, if not more, would constantly be on/checking their phone within the group.

Anyways, that’s my little spiel for today. On the positive, I’m really liking my new restaurant job and the food is delicious (free meals and food samples have their perks). 🙂