Uber Adventures Continue

I’ve written previously about my experiences with Uber (a taxi service) and the interesting drivers I’ve met (SEE https://obsessionswordsandeverythinginbetween.wordpress.com/2015/01/31/the-turkish-uruguayan-uber-driver/) and I’ve got another one I’d like to share.

Just a few days ago, upon my return to Washington D.C., I had a driver who hailed from the capitol of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.  He took me on a journey through different parts of D.C. than I normally would go from Union Station due to construction blocking the usual route.  He also took me on a unique spiritual journey as he preached his christian beliefs to me.

Being a loosely practicing Christian, I was familiar with many of his points, but I’ll admit that I didn’t spend so much time thinking about Jesus, a huge part of his speech.

“More people need to keep Jesus in their lives.  If we had Jesus in our lives, there would be less problems.  If we had Jesus in our lives, there would be less hate and everyone would be happy with what they do.  I’m a taxi driver, but I’m happy with what I do because I see Jesus everywhere.”

I don’t consider myself highly spiritual, however, this talk did strike a chord within me.  While I don’t believe everyone necessarily needs to believe in Jesus or Christianity to do good and find fulfillment and happiness, I think that spirituality and the beauty in religion is often forgotten, especially with technology constantly bombarding us.  I know most people [around me] who are my age (late teens, early twenties) generally don’t spend as much time today thinking about religion as they probably did decades ago, or perhaps as those in other countries and cultures.

I don’t think I’ll suddenly become religious because of this man, but it definitely got me thinking. While I don’t typically go into an Uber or cab ride expecting to be preached, I was fascinated, and I could see how happy it made him to have me listen.

Here’s to more interesting experiences with Uber drivers.  I always enjoy them!


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Born in 1994 // speaks English and working towards fluency in Spanish, French, Portuguese // Writing a novel // Attending university in the nation's Capitol.

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