2016 Resolutions

Almost a year ago I shared 14 lessons I learned in 2014 along with 15 things to look forward to in 2015.  This time, I would like to write 16 resolutions/goals I have for 2016.

I recommend doing something similar for yourself (of course, it doesn’t have to be the number 16– any amount will do!).

  1. Stay in recovery for anorexia/eating disorders.
  2. Continue down the non-drinking path for now.
  3. Work on coping better with my OCD/mood swings.
  4. Get my fiction novel published this year. 🙂
  5. Write down something good about each day before bed every night.
  6. Do more volunteer work in DC with APO (volunteer co-ed fraternity that I am in).
  7. Run the 10-mile Cherry Blossom race but focus on proper nutrition and not obsessing about times/numbers: do it just for the experience of running among the gorgeous flowers.
  8. Tell more people how much I appreciate them.
  9. Become more politically aware so I can make an informed decision during the election.
  10. Meditate (I tried that somewhat this year but I wasn’t very good at it haha).
  11. Listen better to others when they speak to me.
  12. Slow down.
  13. Go to church every once in a while.
  14. Spend less time on Facebook.
  15. Maintain my French and keep learning Portuguese on my phone (while of course taking my Spanish classes for my minor).
  16. Keep writing!!!!! (most importantly!)

To whoever may be reading this, feel free to comment and let me know what you plan to do with your 2016! Hope everyone got something good out of 2015.  It was a tough year in many ways but amongst the difficulties were many precious and beautiful moments.  I also learned a lot too.


[Featured image taken by me on a running trail in Washington D.C.]


Coloring my moods

Aside from writing, I’ve also discovered this past semester that coloring and drawing is an amazing way to relieve stress and express your feelings.  You don’t need to be Van Gogh or Picasso to do this– While I do think my patterns look cool, it’s more for the action than for any other purpose.

Feelings stressed or overwhelmed (or bored)? Pick up some markers and see what you come up with!