My Articles from The Mighty

Hi all.  I published a couple of articles on an amazing website called The Mighty (a website full of articles, stories, and opinions from those who have been affected or are a part of, the disability community.  This is not limited to just mental illness).

Both links above cover my experiences with mental illness.  I write to spread awareness and to instill a greater compassion in others for this community, as well as general empathy for anyone going through something difficult and unfamiliar.





I’m sitting on the bus in Honolulu. Sitting two seats in front of me is an adorable baby girl. She is staring at her reflection in the window– tapping the window, putting her face to it. Laughing and smiling. Her eyes are wide in excitement and surprise as she sees herself staring back at her. She is seeing herself for maybe the first time, or maybe not. If only we all had the wonder that an infant has in the world: the way that every little thing is exciting, sparkling, new, waiting to be touched or even smelled or licked. This baby makes me smile, not only because of her adorable face, but because of how babies live… The only way they know how: in the moment.

Just some thoughts as I continue my Hawaii adventure.