What is this blog about? Anything really… whatever comes to my chaos filled mind when I have the time to write it down. Hope you enjoy reading some of my thoughts and ideas about this life! Also hope that, whoever you are, you are having a wonderful day today.

Most Recent Update: The novel that I am writing is still in the editing works and has a ways to go.  I’m still self-advertising of course.  Comment below if you have any questions/thoughts/random ideas, etc. 🙂

(December 20, 2015)


Latest Update: I’ve been writing a book for the past year, and now that my draft is complete, my goal is to self-publish just before (or possibly after) 2016 begins!

Why am I posting this on the web? Well, as I am intending to self-publish, I need to also self-advertise! Once I’m further along in the process, I will reveal more information.  For now, if you like READING, THE TOPICS ON MY BLOG, REALISTIC FICTION, READING, A STORY ABOUT FAMILY/IDENTITY/GROWING UP, then you may want to check out my book! My goal isn’t to make money, but rather to simply be a published author, a dream of mine that I’ve had since I was 8 years old.

Check out the rests of my posts– I’m trying to blend in more photography in addition to my writing.  Comment or email me at the address listed below to tell me what you think!

(September 14, 2015)


I’m a writer, a college student, an artist with a passion for psychology.  Anywhere from haikus about life to my thoughts on attending college in Washington, D.C. to living with OCD to pictures of my dog and more– that’s what this blog is about (I suppose).

Tell me what you’d like to see here: email me at km8322a@student.american.edu with suggestions.

Otherwise, happy reading!! DSCN1741

(May 13, 2015)


I’m 20; as in I’ve lived two whole decades.  It’s a weird thought, because in some ways I feel like I’ve been around a lot longer, while on the other hand I still get mistaken for 16 on a regular basis.  There’s so much I have done in these past two decades and so much I haven’t.

Here’s a haiku:

Existing here; now

Grasping the contents of life

With my fuzzy socks

Okay, so that started out much deeper than it ended, and I also can’t say that this blog holds a particular purpose.  I love to write and express, and I’m hoping that that is reason enough.

(November 19, 2014)


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